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Divorce Process

There are often several phases to obtaining a decree of dissolution; including the time before a petition is filed (the pre-petition phase); the pendency of the proceeding, usually referred to as the Temporary phase; the entry of the Decree; and the Post Decree phase.

During the pre-petition phase, no formal discovery is taken so that any information disclosed is purely on a voluntary basis. Often parties are able to reach agreements relating to some or all of the issues which are discussed between them. Mediators may be utilized to assist parties in reaching agreements. Our clients are encouraged to seriously consider this option. However, they should do so only when they have been informed of their legal rights under the law and they have full knowledge of the total contents and correct value of the marital estate. Making an agreement without this knowledge is not advised.

If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the next phases of the litigation will begin. The parties may reach an agreement at any time during the litigation process. Should the parties fail to reach agreement, the matter will be tried, and decided by a judge.

As your attorney, we will vigorously pursue your case after consultation with you through the filing of the Petition pleadings, and Response, the Filing of Temporary Motions and Orders, Discovery, Trial and any Post Dissolution issues which may arise.

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