Custody & Child Support


Ordinarily parents make decisions about their children. If, during the divorce, parents are unable to agree on decisions regarding their children, the Court will make a determination as to who will make the decisions and where the children will reside. As with other matters, custody litigation has phases. Temporary orders may be issued during the pendency of the litigation and discovery may be conducted. High conflict cases may require a professional to perform a custody evaluation to make recommendations to the court in regarding custody and timesharing.
Each situation is unique and there is never one general answer to questions regarding the custody of your children. The Court is required to make a determination of custody based on the children’s best interest. At Kershaw & Baumgardner, LLP, we know how important your children are to your life, and we will diligently work to protect your rights, while keeping the children’s interest the focal point during this process.
Support of the children and/or a spouse is a frequent issue in a divorce. The amount of support you may be entitled to receive or that you may have to pay will be specific to your individual case. At Kershaw & Baumgardner, LLP, we will carefully analyze your case and explain the applicable law.

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